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    From social worker, to involved parent, to Arizona Senate Deomcratic Leader, Katie Hobbs has been leading her community and Arizona to a brighter future.

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Katie Hobbs is Leading Arizona to a Brighter Future

Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs has dedicated her life to improving our community. She has worked tirelessly to fight back against the extremists trying to take over state.  As a native of Phoenix and lifelong resident of Arizona, she knows what's at stake.  That's why she will continue fighting for every resident in District 24 and across Arizona.

Katie understands the importance of strong leadership for our state in these difficult times. She leads by example.  When she talks about the importance of strong schools, her votes reflect that.  When she talks about standing up against extremist Tea Party organizations such as the Goldwater Institute, she backs it up with action. And when she says she understands how important it is to protect our neighborhoods and create quality jobs, she means it. 

Katie represents the values that make District 24 such a great place - dedication, innovation, honesty, and integrity.

District 24 needs legislators who will fight against the Tea Party extremists, not join them.

The Latest

Dodging the issue

April 13, 2016News Clip

Arizona lawmakers’ effort to avoid an open discussion about whether gay couples can adopt children has apparently ended up killing an urgently needed overhaul of the regulations of foster care and adoption.

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Career and Technical Training Funding Restored

March 2, 2016News Clip

From Cronkite News:

Of all job openings in Arizona, more than half of them have fallen into a “middle-skills” category since 2010, according to data from the National Skills Coalition.

That means the jobs often require less than a bachelor’s degree, but more than a high school diploma.

“What we currently have here is an imbalance. We do not have enough people today to pursue career technical education to satisfy the needs within the marketplace,” said Mike Romano, campus president of Scottsdale-based Universal Technical Institute.

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State Democratic Leaders Announce Legislative Priorities

January 18, 2016Blog Post

STATE CAPITOL, PHOENIX – Arizona Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs, D-Phoenix (District 24), and Arizona House Democratic Leader Eric Meyer, D-Paradise Valley (District 28), released the following joint statement regarding Democrats’ legislative priorities for the upcoming session.

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Audit rips new Arizona child protection agency, cites serious issues

July 7, 2015Blog Post

Last week an audit of the new Department of Child Safety’s first year was released. As many expected, it shines light on the many challenges the agency is facing. Reporter Mary Jo Pitzl summarizes the report here.

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Doug Ducey's budget is one big fail

April 10, 2015News ClipOp Ed by Katie Hobbs in Arizona Republic on Ducey's budget

Arizona needs well-funded schools and social services to prosper. The Governor's budget offers neither. More than $400 million has been cut from our state universities since 2008, with this budget cutting $99 million and eliminating funding for our largest community colleges.

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