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    From social worker, to involved parent, to Arizona Senate Deomcratic Leader, Katie Hobbs has been leading her community and Arizona to a brighter future.

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Katie Hobbs is Leading Arizona to a Brighter Future

Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs has dedicated her life to improving our community. She has worked tirelessly to fight back against the extremists trying to take over state.  As a native of Phoenix and lifelong resident of Arizona, she knows what's at stake.  That's why she will continue fighting for every resident in District 24 and across Arizona.

Katie understands the importance of strong leadership for our state in these difficult times. She leads by example.  When she talks about the importance of strong schools, her votes reflect that.  When she talks about standing up against extremist Tea Party organizations such as the Goldwater Institute, she backs it up with action. And when she says she understands how important it is to protect our neighborhoods and create quality jobs, she means it. 

Katie represents the values that make District 24 such a great place - dedication, innovation, honesty, and integrity.

District 24 needs legislators who will fight against the Tea Party extremists, not join them.

The Latest

A step forward for assault victims

March 12, 2015Blog Post

Yesterday, Arizona took an important step forward for sexual assault victims and their advocates. In a unanimous decision, the Arizona Senate approved SB1425, a bill I have been working hard to pass.

This bill will give the same confidentiality privileges for sexual assault victims and their advocates as domestic violence victims currently have, and is an important step to protect some of our most vulnerable and abused.

It will now be sent to the House and I look forward to seeing it pass and get the Governor’s signature.

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Governor's Giveaways Will Cost AZ Taxpayers Billions

February 3, 2015Blog Post

You may have heard that the Governor proposed a budget that cuts education $225 million. You may not have heard about the giveaways to private corporations that are packed into this proposal.

The proposal will build 3,000 new prison beds, and according to a recent study by the Grand Canyon Institute, this will cost taxpayers $1.5 billion.

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We Can Stop Dark Money

February 3, 2015Blog Post

This week, House and Senate Democrats are putting forth a series of bills to shine light on dark money that plagued our elections this past year.

The Arizona Capitol Times reported that an unprecedented $8.4 million was spent by anonymous corporations to influence the 2014 election in Arizona. We must put a stop to those trying to buy our elections.

The measures being introduced will:

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New Year, New Obstacles and a New Session

January 27, 2015Blog Post

Session just began, and I officially take office as the Senate Minority Leader. I want to thank all of you for your enormous support in my re-election last year. I’m also thankful to my colleagues in the Senate Democratic Caucus for electing me as leader. As we shift into legislative session, the excitement of the election season quickly fades to determination as I see the many obstacles we face in moving our state forward.

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