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    From social worker, to involved parent, to Arizona Senate Deomcratic Leader, Katie Hobbs has been leading her community and Arizona to a brighter future.

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Katie Hobbs is Leading Arizona to a Brighter Future

Senate Democratic Leader Katie Hobbs has dedicated her life to improving our community. She has worked tirelessly to fight back against the extremists trying to take over our state. As a native of Phoenix and lifelong resident of Arizona, she knows what's at stake. That's why she will continue fighting for every resident in District 24 and across Arizona.

Katie has a long record of supporting Democratic values such as equality for all, strong public education, and healthcare for low income families. Katie has fought hard against cuts to K-12 schools and higher education, and worked to restore funding to career and technical education programs. She has also sponsored bills to implement measures to better protect domestic violence victims, require rape kits to be tested, and equal pay measures for women.

As a social worker, Democratic leader and equal rights champion, Katie Hobbs is well equipped to continue to lead Democrats at the Arizona State Senate.

The Latest

Untested Rape Kits to be Fully Funded

January 17, 2017News Clip

Megan Cassidy, The Arizona Republic, Jan. 11, 2017

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced that the state was poised to clear its backlog of untested sexual-assault kits, capping off one of his key initiatives of 2016.

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Governor announces fully funding rape kits after working with Senator Katie Hobbs

January 17, 2017News Clip

Dave Biscobing, Janunuary 10, 2017

PHOENIX - Governor Doug Ducey announced that Arizona will fund the processing of all untested rape kits and has vowed legislation requiring all future kits to be tested.

Ducey made the remarks in his State of State address on Monday.

“Let’s get this done,” Ducey said. “And for the thousands of women who have been victimized, finally ensure justice.”

The Governor’s announcement follows through on promises he made last year when he formed a special task force to count all of the state’s untested kits and form recommendations.

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Democrats aim to extend sales tax for education

January 17, 2017News Clip
  • HOWARD FISCHER Captiol Media Services, Updated Jan 11, 2017

PHOENIX — Not willing to put it off until the last minute, legislative Democrats on Monday proposed asking voters as soon as possible to extend — and expand — a special sales tax that funds education.

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The Quiet Champion - Echo Magazine

December 21, 2016News Clip

By Art Martori, January 2017 Issue.

Hanging on a wall in the office of State Senate Minority Leader Katie Hobbs, nestled among artwork created by her friends and children, and service awards she’s garnered over the years, is a simple wooden sign. It reads Illegitimi non Carborundum, a euphemism in Latin meaning Don’t let the bastards get you down. How appropriate.

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Senator Katie Hobbs Calls for Legislative Action on Untested Rape Kits

October 26, 2016News Clip

By Aida Chavez | Cronkite News

Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2016

WASHINGTON – A state task force said Arizona has thousands more untested rape kits than originally thought, a problem that advocates fear could undermine efforts to get victims to come forward while giving serial offenders a “free pass.”

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