A champion for every Arizonan

Meet Katie

A champion for every Arizonan.

Born and raised in the Grand Canyon State, Katie Hobbs has dedicated her life to listening to her community and helping solve difficult challenges for the people of Arizona. A fearless advocate for Arizona, Katie is ready to bring transparency and accountability to the Governor’s office and deliver real results for all of us.

Born and raised in Arizona, Katie learned the value of service at an early age from her parents and her church. From her experience as a social worker to an advocate for women in crisis, from her work on behalf of Arizona families in the State Senate to managing the most secure election in Arizona history, Katie has worked hard to listen, learn and deliver for those who need it most.

As a social worker, Katie learned to listen to her community and roll up her sleeves to get things done. That’s how she approached her work as an advocate, and later as chief compliance officer for one of the largest domestic abuse shelters in the country. There, Katie helped provide critical resources to thousands of women suffering from domestic violence.

As chief compliance officer, she worked to secure critical funding to support the center’s work. Katie’s experiences there helped her realize the root causes of the problems afflicting Arizona: Ineffective state government that failed to provide the opportunities for Arizonans to find good jobs, to make their voices heard, and to build a better life for themselves and their families.

Katie Hobbs Meets Neighbors

After watching our elected leaders fail those in need, Katie took action. In 2010, she was elected to the House of Representatives. In 2012, she arrived in the State Senate. And in 2014, she became the Senate Minority Leader. Katie fought for people all across the state, expanding Medicaid and providing healthcare for hundreds of thousands of Arizonans. She worked to secure the rights of victims of sexual and domestic violence. And she worked diligently and with integrity to provide new opportunities in education and job training, and to protect the voting rights of all the people of Arizona.

Elected our Secretary of State in 2018, Katie faced an uphill battle.

The prior administration was mired in dysfunction, had wasted taxpayer dollars and had failed on voter protection. There was a lack of accountability to Arizonans. So, Katie got to work to set things right.  

Under Katie’s leadership, the office was transformed. Katie modernized the office, fixed faulty or broken systems and battled misinformation from foreign and domestic sources. In the face of threats to herself, her family and her colleagues, Katie stepped up and fearlessly delivered an historically secure election for Arizona voters.

Katie Hobbs Meets Neighbors

Katie knows firsthand that government only works well if it’s led well. For Katie, that means transparency and accountability. It means focusing on our common needs, not the small differences that divide us. It means bringing people together to serve our state, not tearing us apart for political gain. And it means creating opportunity for all – regardless of zipcode, gender, race or ability. 

That’s why Katie is ready to serve Arizona as our next Governor.

We can count on Katie Hobbs to bring her fearless dedication to Arizona with her to the Governor’s office – just like she’s always done. She’s committed to rebuilding our economy equitably, strengthening public education to give everyone a strong foundation and creating quality jobs that will carry Arizona and its workers into the future.

Arizonans are tired of partisan bickering. They want someone to get to work for them. That’s who Katie is, that’s what she’ll do starting on Day One.

“I’ve never seen our nation so divided, and I’ve seen it up close here in Arizona. It’s time to roll up our sleeves and start healing – physically healing from the COVID crisis, healing our economy from a year of shutdown, and bringing our state back together after the incendiary and divisive politics of the last few years. I’m ready. I hope you’ll join me.”

Katie Hobbs Family

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